Jimmy Anderson, a long-time professional sports entrepreneur who has held ownership positions with the NBA’s Sacramento Kings and MLB’s Pittsburgh Pirates, has announced a significant investment in PKA Worldwide – the upstart Professional Kickboxing Association.

The Sacramento-based Anderson is the lead investor in an organization quickly taking shape and expected to become a driving force in the combat sports arena. The PKA is led by CEO Joe Corley and a legendary line-up of combat sports veterans and sports marketing professionals.

“The leadership team that Joe Corley has assembled, combined with the public’s increased appetite for combat sports and the excitement and artistry of kickboxing has convinced me the time is perfect and this is the right team of people to bring professional kickboxing to the forefront of the combat sports industry,” said Anderson.

Corley who has been involved in professional kickboxing for more than five decades is excited about what the future holds.

“Jimmy’s generous commitment to our organization and kickboxers worldwide will allow us to build our organization and sport in the right manner. The kickboxers who have had to compete in hybrid versions of their sport can now showcase their athleticism and elite punching and kicking skills on the sport’s biggest stage.”

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